Twin Saga Hails the Coming of the Summer Queen

gamigo is ready to send Twin Saga players off on a cool summer adventure thanks to the arrival of Summer Queen Leanna. She brings with her new seasonal events, the summary Senshi Lenna, and a host of thrilling new EXP bonus quests to propel players to level 85 where wondrous new adventures await.

Senshi Lenna waits for her Aetherion friends as they set off on an epic quest to beat the dark dungeon, Mutated Shadow Crevice. Players will be further challenged with a new modus that randomly picks effects that will be applied to both monsters and players. These result in more powerful opponents and tricky debuffs for heroes to overcome.

PvP fans will be delighted with the new powerful level 75 and level 90 equipment that may give them the edge against player-opponents. Once strong enough, crafty mages and swift rogues can embark on thrilling new EXP bonus quests to quickly reach level 85 and face off against wondrous new challenges.

Players can also embark on two new seasonal events where they can deck themselves out in their summer finery to enjoy a cool evening at the Summer Festival while watching the Summer Fireworks.

There’s lots of fun to be had this summer in Twin Saga so check out the official site to learn more!

5. August 2020, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner



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