Ghosts of the Past Call Out in Pirate101’s Newest Story Update: Through Death’s Door

Avast ye, mateys!
In Pirate101, venture to far-off lands in search of bountiful booty, epic adventures, and new discoveries! It’s a wondrous time of exploration and adventure in Pirate101, where tall ships fly the endless skies and brave the Stormgates of the Spiral. Through Death’s Door seeks to expand the story of Pirate101, with the update serving as the beginning of the game’s second story arc. Take to the endless skies and journey through a tale laced with mystery, adventure, and good old pirate charm!

Kane's fleet is vanquished, yet the adventures in Pirate101 have only just begun! Following the retrieval of the Eye of the Liger from the rebel leader Klaw the Merciless, eerie echoes of the Pirate's deceased parents emanate from the mystical stone. Previously warning the young Captain to abandon the quest for El Dorado, their spectral voices now forewarn of imminent peril. Unable to locate the spirits of the Pirate's parents any longer, mediums suspect foul play - they've been seized! But by whom? To unravel this mystery, journey back to Aquila and embark on the perilous trek through the caverns of Tartarus, the dreaded domain of Hades. A daunting adventure awaits all ye salty sky dogs brave enough to set sail!

The Through Death’s Door update includes a treasure trove of exciting new content. For the full list of changes and improvements, check out the update notes here.

Key Features of Pirate101:

  • Choose your Class: Determine your piratin’ style and pick one of five different classes: Musketeer, Swashbuckler, Buccaneer, Privateer, and Witchdoctor. Each class comes with different strengths and weaknesses to learn and conquer.

  • Assemble a Cutthroat Crew: Recruit hundreds of companions along your journey to prepare for the hard battles ahead of you. Use their skills wisely to trigger crushing combos and defeat enemies in exciting turn-based tactics combat.

  • Conquer the Skyways: Customize and upgrade your ship as you navigate the dangerous skyways. Unleash powerful ship abilities and board nearby enemies in a show of nautical force!

  • Embark on an Epic Adventure: Solve mysteries, unlock secrets, and meet hundreds of fully voice-acted characters on your quest to recover the legendary map of El Dorado! Explore and fight your way through the wild west, haunted caverns, clockwork hideouts, and more!

Pirate101 is available globally via Steam, including in all European countries.

24. April 2024, von Thore Varga



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