Fractured Online Free Weekend Launches September 2

gamigo and Dynamight Studios are once again opening a portal between the world of Fractured Online and the real world, giving players free access to the first truly dynamic, isometric open-world MMORPG for the weekend of September 2.

Fractured Online’s free weekend kicks off at 16:00 CEST / 10:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT on September 2 and ends at 16:00 CEST / 10:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT on September 5. During this time, players have free, unrestricted access to the game via the Glyph launcher. Once they’re logged in, players can start their adventure playing how they want through the game’s unique character progression system. They can also shape the world of Fractured Online by building structures, crafting items, taking part in the player-driven economy, and much more.

For the free weekend, both Humans and the Wildfolk will be available to play, but they won’t be the only races at launch. The PVP-focused Demons and their respective world will surely terrorize all living creatures foolish enough to cross their path when they’re released later this year.

“Since our free week back in May went so well, we decided to offer another opportunity for all players who don't own a Founder Pack to either dive back into the world of Fractured Online or to experience it for the first time.” says Jacopo Gallelli, Co-Founder and CEO at Dynamight Studios. “We’re excited to hear what players think of the many changes we’ve made to Fractured Online in the past 3 months, ranging from new features such as the Weather & Temperature System and competitive Seasons to bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements.”

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23. August 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz



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