New Year, New You? Take on Trove’s Heavyweight Champion in the Renewus 2024: Garx’s Challenge Event

gamigo has announced that the New Year is bringing a new challenge to Trove for those who are bold enough to face it. The Renewus 2024 event will be available on all platforms from January 2 until January 16.

Garx, the heavyweight champion of Trove Wrestling Entertainment, is in the hub offering his signature Championship Training Weights to any Trovians in need of a proper training regimen. However, he can only offer it to official members of Trove Fitness Unlimited and what luck, the Radiant Dayspring just happens to be selling memberships.

Players can craft training regimens at the Championship Training Weights bench. Completing enough Training Regimens throughout the duration of the event will carry Trovians closer to defeating the enemies, and reaping the rewards.

However, a challenger obviously cannot fight the champion without proving themselves. If there’s one thing that Garx despises, it’s a bully, and nothing prepares you for a fight, like a fight. Gamers must find some bullies and teach them a thing or two. Of course, following Garx’s training regimen will secure inevitable victory, whereupon players can kick up their feet, hit the Renewus Orb that keeps dropping in the hub, and bask in the glow of a triumphant kick off to the new year.

But Trovians mustn’t forget to keep training. Laziness is the enemy of success! Perhaps one day someone will be strong enough to challenge the Champ.

Completing Garx’s questline will reward players with:

  • Trovian Fitness Unlimited Membership

  • Championship Training Weights. This offers players a daily quest that rewards an effort token, which can be used to craft the following:

    • Garx's Championship Protein Bar. This food can be crafted after five days of doing the dailies and it offers a bonus of 5% experience

    • All in One Flying Gym: A new Mount that can be crafted after 30 days of completing daily quest

The Renewus 2024 event is available on all platforms from January 2 until January 16.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the fun, and check out Trove today.

2. Februar 2024, von Thore Varga


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