Fractured Online Feature Spotlight Series: Seasons

The first truly dynamic isometric open-world MMORPG Fractured Online from gamigo and Dynamight Studios continues to evolve. In the latest installment of the game’s ongoing Feature Spotlight series, we shine a light on Seasons and how the interaction within and between guilds contributes to them.

In this latest installment, we take a closer look in what way Seasons are relevant for guilds and their players. If you're a proud member of a guild, you'll want to fly the flag for it - and with Seasons, you can! By fulfilling certain in-game actions, guilds will receive Season Points that will help them inch closer to the top spot of the regularly updated leaderboards and - if they are successful - reap the rewards that await them at the end.

In the inaugural season, points can be earned in a number of ways: If a guild owns cities, then it will earn the crew a certain number of Season Points per day for each city. The number of points depends on the rank of the city and if they are part of a nation. Guilds may also band together to raise their arms against other cities. If they are successful in their raid, they will gain an additional source of Season Points. If they’re unsuccessful - well, let’s just say they had better hope their adversaries don’t go looking for their settlement. Another option to earn Season Points includes slaying a Legend.

Stronger Together: Only when guild members work together to achieve their shared goal - namely to climb the leaderboards - they will succeed. If the guild then tops the leaderboards at the end of the season, they will receive unique prizes. For example, City Relics are a prize that can be used to generate special buffs like increasing the quality of items crafted within its walls. This in turn should make the guild-controlled cities a more popular destination for players to visit. Whether their intentions for visiting these cities are good or bad is a completely different matter.

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4. Juli 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz



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