Wield Unimaginable Power with Nemesis, Coming Soon to Stellaris

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of games that give you the choice between chaos and order, today announced Nemesis, the newest expansion for its grand strategy sci-fi game, Stellaris. This full featured addition will grant fans the most powerful tools and mechanics ever introduced to Stellaris, invigorating playthroughs for both new galactic travelers and long time strategy gamers.

As a hopeless stalemate threatens the very state of the galaxy, players will be tasked to either bring things back from the edge of destruction and restore order, or to use relentless force and end all of existence. What will the player choose - to defend the galaxy, or burn it to the ground?

Players will also be encouraged to use lies and deceit in order to gather intel on opponents and turn allies against each other. All new gameplay mechanics will prove that sometimes, wars are won quietly, behind enemy lines. Knowledge is power - especially in times of conflict.

Determine the fate of the galaxy with the Nemesis announcement trailer here:

5. Februar 2021, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner

Paradox Interactive



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