Update for brutal online shooter Cuisine Royale launches on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software are happy to announce the release of Path to Valhalla update for Cuisine Royale on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Beta-testing of Cuisine Royale began on PC in June 2018. Xbox One users joined it in May 2019 and finally the beta version arrived on PlayStation 4 in November 2019.

During that time, Cuisine Royale has been regularly updated based on player feedback. This update Path to Valhalla brings new magical rituals, weapons and vehicles as well as a fourth playable character - the northern warrior Torden.

Cuisine Royale is set in a realistic world but filled with magic, so characters not only use firearms and melee weapons, but also supernatural abilities, like zombie summoning and bullet-time mode. Fighting takes place on one of two huge maps - Normandy and Mexico - where the players try to survive using anything they can find on the field, i.e. a frying pan or a sniper rifle. Killing enemies is rewarded with “souls of sinners” that are spent by using abilities.

The new character, called Eric ‘Torden’ Thorsson, has the ability to use ‘Thunderstrike’, allowing him to teleport-jump into the sky and crash down in a ‘stunning’ fashion, throwing his opponents about, breaking objects, and blowing cars away. Other Scandinavian-themed updates include the winter version of the Normandy map, viking talismans and costumes and the mask of Loki. There is also a new resurrection feature: you can take the heart of your fallen ally and throw it into the ritual fire to raise them from the dead.

Cuisine Royale is one of the few games on the market that allows console players to freely choose between better resolution or better framerate. For example, the PlayStation 4 Pro version works either in 2240x1260 resolution at 60 FPS or in 3200x1800 with hardware upscale to native 4k resolution at 30 FPS.

You can follow the Cuisine Royale updates at the official website:

19. Dezember 2019, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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