Track Down Vorkath in Chilling New RuneScape Quest 'Requiem for a Dragon', Available Today

Uncover the chilling secrets of Ungael and embark on a quest to track down Vorkath in RuneScape’s latest quest Requiem for a Dragon, available to RuneScape members today.

Marking the epic conclusion to the Fort Forinthry storyline and the start of a new chapter of lore in RuneScape, Requiem for a Dragon promises adventure, unique rewards, and a new area to explore.

Pursue the trail of the wounded dragon, Vorkath, and journey deep into a new area on the island of Ungael. Armed with your wits and your courage, brave the bitter cold to uncover the hidden secrets of Ungael, but beware. .. as some not-so-friendly Zamorakian faces may have other plans for your arrival.

Hidden amongst the frozen cliffs of Ungael, players will find a brand-new necromancy ritual site, with unique rewards available to the bravest adventurers. Equip Zorgoth's Ring, a new necromancy combat ring, to deliver powerful damage to your enemies, and complete Rituals at the Ungael Ritual Site to grow its power even further. Receive the title of ‘Soulfarer’ and gain access to the new Ungael Teleport Spell as you journey deeper into the island of Ungael.

Requiem for a Dragon Features:

  • The start of a new chapter in RuneScape, bringing an end to the Fort Forinthry storyline and filled with mysteries, adventure, and a cast of characters who may help or hinder players.

  • A thrilling new quest on the pursuit of injured dragon Vorkath, taking players on an adventure into the bitter cold lands of Ungael, where familiar faces await.

  • A new Necromancy ritual site, opening up a realm of new possibilities with more cost-efficient materials, longer disturbances, and on-site chest and ritual storage.

  • Unique rewards to collect and earn in a chilling new land. Collect bonuses, level up XP, and access new spells and titles across the world of Ungael.

RuneScape ‘Requiem for a Dragon’ is available to RuneScape members who have completed the ‘Vorkath: Battle of Forinthry’, ‘Tomes of the Warlock’, and the 'Kili Row' quests.

22. April 2024, von Thore Varga



PublisherJagex Games Studio
EntwicklerJagex Games Studio

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