PUBG MOBILE Releases Cryptic Clues Ahead Of Version 3.0

Today PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s biggest mobile games, released a mysterious image teasing what’s coming in the game’s next major update. Riddled with cryptic assortments of emojis, the image tasks fans of PUBG MOBILE to guess what new features the upcoming Version 3.0 has in store.

Version 3.0 is the next instalment in PUBG MOBILE’s long line of major version updates. Each update brings a variety of new features, which can include never-before-seen modes, items, rewards, challenges, maps and more. Previous updates have brought new varieties of gameplay inspired by beloved brands such as iconic anime Dragon Ball and chicken superchain KFC, to paragons of entertainment and sport like K-pop legends BLACKPINK and football hero Messi.

PUBG MOBILE is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most popular mobile Battle Royale games and as a brand and online hub, encourages players to live to their fullest. Up to 100 players parachute onto a remote island to battle in a winner-takes-all showdown, where they must scavenge their own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and defeat every other player in a tactically rich battleground that is developed further with each update. Millions of players will be waiting on tenterhooks to see what these clues end up meaning.

1. Dezember 2023, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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