New Vulpine Pet Guide Has Arrived for Perfect World Mobile!

Perfect World Games has released details on a variety of pets that the all-new Vulpine class will be able to tame in the mobile adaption of the 12-year classic MMO, Perfect World. As the latest class to be introduced, the Vulpine excels in both damage dealing and debuffing their opponents. The beautiful Vulpine also has the ability to shift into two forms, with their humanoid form gives them access to ranged abilities while their fox form allows them to access various melee skills. The Vulpine is also the first class to be introduced into Perfect World Mobile with the ability to tame pets.

Vulpine players will be able to tame a variety of pets throughout their adventures in Perfect World Mobile with varying degrees of rarity and quality including common, silver, and gold with gold being the most desirable as they possess additional abilities and have a strength that far outweighs their more common counterparts. Players will also be able to organize their pets by their degree of rarity. Additionally, players can choose which mode they wish to set their pet to be in, follow, passive, or active. While in follow mode pets will not attack a target until they are commanded to by the player. In passive mode, pets will only attack those enemies that are actively attacking their Vulpine master. Whereas in active mode, pets will attack any enemy that enters their radius regardless of if the player has attacked the target or not.

Vulpine players will be able to obtain their first pet Huggles once they reach taming level 9 in the City of the Lost where in-game instructions will walk players through the taming process. Players will be able to select pets suited to their playstyle as well as their current activity such as dungeons or PvP. Pets come in various styles including tank-style pets, single-target damage, and area of effect damagers. There are currently 12 different types of pets each with their own unique abilities and specialties.

Tank-Style Pets
Vulpine players looking to do a good amount of solo content may want to seek out a tank-style pet. These pets excel at drawing aggro away from the player by taunting and resisting damage. Some examples of tank-style pets are the Crystalized Lava pet, which requires a taming level of 49 and can be found in Dreamweaver Port, as well as Hercules, the rare tank-style pet which requires a taming level of 89 and whose location is unknown. Hercules excels at resisting great deals of damage while also being able to taunt enemies, making him very effective when fighting a large number of enemies.

Damage Dealing Pets
Damage dealing pets come in a wide variety for Vulpine players to choose from. Some pets excel in single-target damage such as the Necrocanine, which requires a taming level of 79 and can be found in the Celestial Vale. Other pets are more suited for dealing area of effect damage, such as Froggy who can be found in the Archosaur Outskirts and requires a taming level of 69.
Aside from single-target and AoE damage, some pets also have abilities to slow or stun their enemies making them highly useful in a variety of situations including PvP. One such pet is Boo Bear (L) which is located in Etherblade and requires a taming level of 79. Boo Bear’s abilities have the chance to stun their target but also greatly reduce incoming damage allowing them to hold the line against enemies. Another pet with very useful utility is the Flying Pig who makes its home in the Sea of Reality and is tamable at level 89. Flying Pig’s unique skills allow it to lower an enemy’s magic resistance making it extremely useful when fighting heavy magic reliant enemies or enemy players.

Pet Locations
Tamable pets await Vulpine players all across Perfect World, including in the City of the Lost, Archosaur Outskirts, Celestial Vale, The Great Lake, Etherblade, and the Sea of Reality. The rarest of these pets, such as the aforementioned Hercules and Fire Phoenix, will have to be sought out as their locations are unknown.

A list of features includes:

  • Massive continent - 60,000 square kilometers panoramic three-dimensional map for players to explore

  • Perfect World Reinvigorated - next-gen graphics bring new life to the beloved places of Perfect World with realistic light and shadow effects

  • Long-loved playable races - playable races of humans, Winged Elves, and the Untamed

  • Rich class choices - experience the classes from the original game, each class brings its own distinct characteristics

  • Unique flight system - take to the skies with the flight system found in the original game

  • Epic combat - engage in combat in the air, on land or in the oceans

  • Spirit-based skill enhancement system - immerse yourself in the balance of Yin and Yang

27. November 2019, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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