How Glimmer Studios Designed 170 Levels for Lumione

Glimmer Studios recently shared their design philosophy behind their upcoming platformer Lumione. Glimmer has meticulously crafted 170 levels for Lumione and designed dozens of challenging mechanics for players to overcome. The design of these levels was divided into 3 parts. Read the full developer journal on Steam.

  • The ideation - this was the hardest part of the design process

  • Build and connect the levels

  • Test and validate the feasibility of the level design

Once these steps were completed by Glimmer they had a new level on their hands. While they do place an emphasis on challenges in their level design they also want each level to be original and fun. Typically it takes a week to design a new level from start to finish. At one point they were able to knock out about 30 levels in 3 months. Game producer Raker wanted to ensure that each level not only contained a challenge for the player but that it also made sense in relation to the plot. Glimmer Studios not only wants the players to appreciate the challenge they have in store but the story as it unfurls.

It was important to Glimmer not to rely on the same old bag of tricks over and over again to try and challenge players as they made their way through the levels of Lumione. Game mechanics such as Neon Line, Pinball, and Jetpack were added to different levels to spice them up and add more variety to the game. The core mechanic tying all 3 together though is traveling. Learning to use these mechanics in different chapters enhances the degree of difficulty the players face as they progress through Lumione but it also allows them to operate in larger spaces and reward them with a greater sense of accomplishment after they conquer a level.
While Lumione is a platformer it is also a game with a hope and a dream theme. It tells the players a story about going through hardship and finally successfully finding the light. In the game players will encounter difficult obstacles but as long as they continue to hone their skills they will eventually be able to break through the difficulties. “Although you will fail at times, you must continue to try.” This is a major theme that Lumione wants to convey to the players.

Lumione can be added to your wishlist on Steam now. You can also reserve the game on Glimmer Studio’s official website. The people under the sea in darkness are waiting for your rescue so go chase the light.

More About Lumione:

Lumione is a side-scrolling platformer set in a deep-sea universe that has been consumed by darkness. Players take on the role of a deep-sea elf who dreams of restoring the former beauty of their home. They are called by the Light to break the dark spell cast over their world. Along the way, they will find answers to the puzzle of how both within themself and in the world itself. Glimmer will need to overcome trials of wisdom and tap into their courage in order to save their world.


  • Stunning visuals created with Unreal Engine 4 accompanied by exquisite music that creates a dream-like and ever-changing atmosphere.

  • Gameplay provides plenty of challenges as players leap through artistic and stunning ocean levels.

  • A journey filled with surprises that take players from calm, introspective moments to demanding and intense gameplay experiences.

  • Hundreds of hand-crafted levels with dozens of game mechanics to make each session immersive and exciting.

  • Each challenge requires players to plan moves in advance yet be ready to react and respond to dangers around them.

  • Jumping and climbing puzzles offer intense gameplay to players of all skill levels.

4. Juni 2021, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner

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