Load Up on Loot and Chill Out at the PUBG MOBILE Air Drop Carnival

PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, is launching its Air Drop Carnival event today! Grab a variety of special rewards in-game from now until August 20th, and party with world-famous DJ Alan Walker as the Carnival Ambassador with his new specially produced track!

Visit the Cool Island, now available on Erangel, Livik, Nusa and Sanhok, to chill out in summer vacation style by kicking back on a recliner and enjoying a drink to boost energy! Players can get their ducks in a row with new two-person Duckboats scattered around the island, and link them up to discover a new way to get around as a squad! Hitting up the Air Drop Carnival Crate on the island is also a must for players who want loads of loot - this event is packed with perks for players, so it's not one to be missed!

In addition to the main Air Drop Crate, there will be free crates made available to all players! Players can drop in at the start of the Carnival to get theirs and have the chance to upgrade it from Level 1 to Level 5 by playing during the event. A higher level crate means even more rewards - each Level 5 crate includes a permanent emote and a permanent legendary set of the player’s choice along with loads of other fantastic rewards. Teaming up lets players level up their crates faster and trigger team-up rating protection, so it’s the best time to drop in and play with friends.

Internationally renowned EDM producer and DJ Alan Walker is providing the party soundtrack as the game’s Air Drop Carnival Ambassador! His brand new track ‘Lands Of The Heroes’, initially announced by Alan Walker at the 2023 PUBG MOBILE WORLD INVITATIONAL and written and produced especially for the PUBG MOBILE community, will play as players explore Cool Island.

During the Air Drop Carnival, players will have the chance to complete a mission before August 10th to win the track to keep and listen to in-game. For those wanting to dress like the man himself, the Alan Walker themed set is also making a big comeback for the Carnival, giving players the chance to get their hands on it for the first time in four years!

All the festivities reach their peak on August 18th, Crate Day! Players will be able to drop in to open their Crates that they’ve been levelling up throughout the event and get the permanent rewards.

With summery vibes, exclusive rewards, and a cool new soundtrack, the Air Drop Carnival is the best time to squad up and score big in PUBG MOBILE!

4. August 2023, von Thore Varga

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