Divinity awaits! Honey, I Joined a Cult launches into Steam Early Access on 14th September

As architect of a cult, plan everything from the deity to worship and official cult apparel, to the location of the toilets and recruitment of new believers in Sole Survivor Games’ groovy 1970’s-based management sim launching next month.

Team17 and Sole Survivor Games have today announced that 1970’s-based cult management simulator, Honey, I Joined a Cult will launch into Steam Early Access on 14th September. Taking up the mantle of architect, players will design every aspect of the cult from building its headquarters, caring for believers and members, and planning the propaganda to make the organisation as successful and venerated as possible. Curating a lucrative cult is not all plain sailing: law enforcement, angry protesters and your leader’s inflated ego will need to be kept in check if your plans are to be realised.

Esteemed cult leader entrepreneur and spokesperson, Burt Biscuit has this to share:

Honey, I Joined A Cult key features:

  • Take full control of a funky cult: Recruit cultists to maintain the organisation’s smooth operation; keep them entertained and happy to grow its money and influence

  • Build freaky deaky bases: Build the cult from the ground up and design the layout from ‘hypno-chambers’ and bathrooms to monoliths and bedrooms

  • Branch out into the community: Send minions out to spread the good word, or to steal fancy items for your cult HQ

  • Stick it to ‘The Man’: Overcome threats from law enforcement, oppressive government bodies, and misinformed protesters

  • Get down with deities: Choose where your cult’s heading - fiery apocalypse or the second coming of the Squid Lord?

13. August 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz




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