Ashes of Creation: Meet the Py’Rai

As the winter snows continue this year, nature strives to find its balance - a perfect moment to talk about elves. Ashes of Creation revealed the Py’Rai for the first time in the February Development Update! The Py’Rai seek to restore nature's balance within the world of Verra. These woodland elves are so in tune with nature that they are one with the forest. This connection with the natural forces of the world can be seen in their skin texture, and the large antlers sprouting from their heads - a unique feature to the Py'Rai.

Take a look at the Py’Rai, and soak in some in-depth details on the animal husbandry system in the below video:

We are excited to talk about our animal husbandry system, and have you meet our Executive Producer, Bryan Langford, as he talks about the role of production on Ashes of Creation.

February’s Update Details Include:

  • The role of production on Ashes of Creation

  • In-depth discussion on the animal husbandry system

  • Node concept art for the Py’Rai and Ren’Kai

  • First look at the Py’Rai character concept

  • Updated model for the female Kaelar

  • More artwork for environments, armors, and creatures

  • As always, a Q&A session with our community

2. März 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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