Co-op fantasy puzzler ‘Pactus’ announced, Kickstarter launched

Parisian developer Le Studio Imaginaire has officially unveiled its upcoming first-person co-operative fantasy puzzle adventure, Pactus. Slated to release on Steam in Q4 2023, the stylized puzzler pits players as a Warlock, a powerful Pact formed through the union of a demonic Wendigo and a human Magician, against the extremist Church of Humanity.

Pactus is set generations after the congregation launched its crusade against the harmony between man and demon. To survive the persecution of the church, the Warlock entered into a magical slumber, hoping to awaken in an age of peace. Instead, it reemerged in a world built on the bodies of its kin.

Up to two players will guide the Wendigo and Magician through intricate puzzles as they seek to escape the confines of an ornate and labyrinthian cathedral. Inspired by games like the icy co-op adventure We Were Here, Pactus emphasizes teamwork to create a game that friends and family can enjoy together.

Each character brings something different to the adventure. Utilize stealth as the crafty Wendigo or call upon the spells of the Magician to forge a path forward. Only together can they evade their enemies, solve the cathedral’s puzzles, and escape to find their sanctuary.


  • Two-player co-op asymmetrical gameplay

  • Increasingly difficult puzzles that take careful consideration to solve

  • Learning and casting more than 40 magical spells to navigate through the game

  • Crafty enemies and epic bosses to face

  • Hidden passageways and secrets to explore and learn about the lore

To help flesh Pactus out into a rich, engaging, and well-rounded experience, Le Studio Imaginaire has launched a Kickstarter campaign. Funding achieved through Kickstarter will allow the studio to bring on third-party artists to:

  • Develop more 2D artwork

  • Improve the in-game music

  • Create an extended soundtrack

Rewards for backing Pactus include:

  • Your name in the game’s credits

  • A digital copy of the game

  • The chance to name a spell

  • The opportunity to name a boss

Backers that pledge enough to name a spell or boss will be randomly assigned and provided visuals and what they’re naming. There are approximately 40 spells and five bosses needing names.

1. November 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz