Theme Music Nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards

NetEase Games' sci-fi grand space simulation game Infinite Lagrange has recently been nominated for the 2022 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for its theme song The Starlight Music-a children's choir score for the Starlight Festival.

Grand Event for Original Music: Composing Infinite Exploration
The annual Hollywood Music in Media Awards is one of the most important awards for the global music community, often regarded as early indicators of the Golden Globes and the Oscars. Being among the nominees for HMMA is undoubtedly a recognition of the professionalism of Infinite Lagrange in the music field.

The nominated The Starlight Music is a score composed by Jason Huang, a renowned professional game composer. Huang was invited by Infinite Lagrange to compose for the original game festival "Starlight Festival". The score is full of melodies of imagination. The perfect interpretation of the symphony orchestra and children's choir conveys the infinite fantasy of the vast intergalactic space.

As a space sci-fi-themed original strategy game, Infinite Lagrange creates an immense universe for Pioneers in the game while introducing various original festivals like Earth Day and Gemini Festival to enable players to participate in stories more organically with colorful events and humanistic spirits.

Grand Musical Ambition: Creating a Superb Audiovisual Experience
From the perspective of a longer period, it’s really a natural thing for Starlight Music to be nominated for famous international music awards. After all, the goal of Infinite Lagrange is, rather than simply making a good game, to build a grand and realistic space science fiction IP.

Every once in a while, Infinite Lagrange will release music works corresponding to the game’s theme. For example, the theme music Calling From Four Light Years Away was released at the Gemini Festival at the end of 2021, and the launch of Earth Day this year was accompanied by the official publication of the new theme score Spring Overture.

Likewise, The Starlight Music performed by the children's choir in the 2021 Starlight Festival depicts a wonderful story in the game. The original composer was a doctor named Joan. To save her mother, who was suffering from Space Hallucinogenic Syndrome, Joan composed the music based on their memories. The power of music worked miracles and cured her mother.

In terms of the arrangement, The Starlight Music also matches well with the lore. It chooses tranquil children's vocals as the theme with the piano on top to create a space vibe and gradually flows into a sense of cosmic loneliness. The gentle string texture and the magnificent wind instrument counterpoint, and the slowly returned peace and tranquility, demonstrate the Lagrange music team's professional and humanistic pursuit of creating a living universe. In addition to music for theme events, the entire soundtrack of Infinite Lagrange is also quite unique. Based on the three core elements of military, space and religion, it vividly expresses the essence of strategic thinking and Lagrange's special lore, forming a space melody with Chinese characteristics.

Perfect Sci-Fi Quality: Coming from Unceasing Exploration
The success in the field of music stems from the unremitting exploration of Infinite Lagrange in its every content. The game is constantly improving the hard core sci-fi settings and rich strategic experience, and also emphasizes the lore construction and the inheritance of the humanistic spirit.

18. November 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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