The Third Epic Crossover Event of Vikingard

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc., has announced that Vikingard will be hosting its third crossover event with MGM’s hit show Vikings, bringing new and returning heroes into the game, alongside special events and exclusive rewards. Following the success of the previous two collaborations, Vikings and Vikingard present the final chapter of their epic storyline in July 2023, so come and join us in this ultimate celebration of both franchises!

Vikingard is an exciting casual simulation RPG for Android and iOS devices, where the player acts as the ruler of the Fharun tribe of Vikings as they depart for distant shores in search of glory and loot. As the leader of the Fharun Hersir warriors, the player must fight in many battles, explore new realms, and rule over the people with wisdom and courage. Since Vikingard launched in 2022, it has hosted two epic crossovers with Vikings, with players able to experience the events of the award-winning series and fight alongside their favorite characters.

The Vikings saga continues in Vikingard, as the third and final crossover event will begin in July 2023. Players can witness Ragnar’s blood debt being paid, as a king greater than all kings is acclaimed among the Norse warriors so that all Vikings can unite against their common enemies. Join the new Vikings heroes, Ivar and Torvi, as they are brought to life with gorgeous character artwork as you explore their stories and fight alongside them. The heroes who appeared in previous crossovers will also return, allowing you to earn all nine characters from the TV series, including Rollo, Lagertha, and Bjorn, for your Vikingard tribe.

In the new Vikings crossover with Vikingard you will participate in “The Final War,” the Kattegat Civil War, where Konungrs must build their armies and fight for the right to become the king above kings. This event will involve a war spread across four pitched battles, with the victor of each conflict moving onto more challenging, higher-level battles, where the last champion is declared the King of Kattegat. Players can earn daily rewards by logging into the game, and those who participate in the event can win exclusive in-game rewards, including a new Hersir Avatar, App Icon, and Avatar Border.
There is more to the new Vikingard crossover with Vikings than pitting steel against shields, as there are other exciting activities to participate in. These include the Snow Mountain Trail, which takes place in a frozen Jötunheimr, where players can strengthen their gear at Dvergr’s Forge and conquer the Jötnar trolls who stand in their way. There is also the Mjölnir Awakens event, where Thor’s legendary hammer has fallen to the Earth and lost its power. Suppose the Konungrs can gather its lost energy? In that case, they can call upon Thor’s aid to summon the heroes of Vikings, including the brand new mature look for Floki in his “Forever King” guise as he battles alongside Ragnar in Valhalla.
The epic story of Vikings has reached its conclusion, but Vikingard players can enter their longboats, head out to sea, and take part in the climactic struggle themselves, with The Kattegat War storyline taking central stage as all-comers fight to take the crown. The latest crossover event represents the collective visions of MGM and Vikingard, with brand-new content that builds on everything released in the game thus far, expanding the Viking legend beyond the realm of Midgard. So join us for an unforgettable experience filled with action, intrigue, and adventure.

3. Juli 2023, von Thore Varga

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