The Star Named EOS Shares Cozy New Trailer at INDIE Live Expo

The trailer for the hand-drawn indie, which launches later this summer, also revealed the voiceover cast will include Aoi Yuki (Persona 5) and Suzie Yeung (FFVII Rebirth)- who can now be heard in the updated game demo, available now on Steam.

Developer Silver Lining Studio and publisher PLAYISM were thrilled to share the latest glimpse of their adventure puzzle game, The Star Named EOS, during the live broadcast of INDIE Live Expo, Japan’s premiere online digital indie game showcase series.

The new trailer for the vibrant, first-person narrative sheds more light on the game’s protagonist, Dei, and the absent mother whose footsteps he seeks to follow, while also confirming that the game will launch this summer on Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble Store, GOG, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The trailer also revealed the primary voice actors cast for the role of Dei’s mother: the Japanese performance was provided by Aoi Yuki, known for her work in Persona 5 and Genshin Impact, while the English performance was provided by Suzie Yeung, who gave voice to fan-favorite Yuffie Kisaragi in Final Fantasy VII Remake and FFVII Rebirth. For the Chinese translation, Dei’s mother will be voiced by Shandy Ma, who has been the voice for more than 20,000 commercials and TV programs. A playable demo with updated voice talent is available now on Steam.

The follow-up to Silver Lining Studio’s indie darling Behind the Frame, The Star Named EOS is a story-driven puzzle game with photography at its heart. Ever since he was young, Dei regularly received letters from his mother when she was traveling, and each letter came with a beautiful photograph of the location she was visiting.

One day, Dei notices something strange in one of the pictures she left behind, and everything he had believed is challenged. Now, guided by his mother's voice deep within him, it’s time for Dei to set out on his own to find the truth about his family and confront the past.

Dive into a beautiful hand-drawn world and capture the fleeting moments that shape one's life. Recreate old photographs and uncover the long-lost truth of a family mystery, as fragmented memories will help you find a love that was long left unrealized. With a perfect blend of a gorgeous, imaginative art style and narrative-focused puzzle game mechanics, The Star Named EOS will take you on a dazzling, fantastical journey of reminiscence and identity.

The Star Named EOS is now available to wishlist on Steam, and the Steam demo is available for all players, now featuring the exquisite voice talents of Aoi Yuki, Suzie Yeung and Shandy Ma in the role of Dei’s mother.

27. Mai 2024, von Thore Varga