The Midnight Brigade cometh in Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online’s new update arrives today and brings with it a new Kingdom Quest, a new map, rewards and a new Elemental mechanic. If that's not enough then you can also scare yourself silly in this year’s Halloween event, Maze of Madness.

“Do not fear Gods anymore. Let’s gather at the wings of The Midnight Brigade and lead Isya to peace.” - Castor, Leader of the Midnight Brigade

Players will need to team up and bring peace back to the continent by taking down a new foe, Castor and his Midnight Brigade. Tired of the old gods, Castor has entered the continent of Isya and with him, he’s awakened The Midnight Brigade to experiment on the innocent children of Isya, and use the elements to bring forth The New Gods. Enter this new Kingdom Quest to disrupt their elemental ritual and bring peace back to the realm of Isya.

Welcome to the Midnight Brigade Lair, a new map with four elemental sub areas. Embark on a quest to disrupt each elemental ritual before defeating their overlord, Castor.

Elemental Mechanic:
Introducing the new mechanic to Fiesta, Elemental. A dynamic mechanic featuring Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth elements where players can acquire elements through interactions within the map. Here's the twist: When an Elemental Pillar spawns, it grants the corresponding element to mini bosses. Players with the same Elemental Buff as the mini boss will receive an Elemental debuff when trying to attack it. To defeat the mini-boss, players must first destroy the Guardians protecting the pillar, which will then remove the Elemental Buff from the mini boss. This mechanic adds depth and strategy to the Kingdom Quest, promising an engaging gaming experience. Get ready for elemental challenges like never before!

By successfully completing this new Kingdom Quest, players can win special Bracelet equipment and Enhanceable Mini Pets, offering advantages in the form of numerous special effects tailored to each level.

These rewards aim to improve gameplay and encourage players to take on this challenging yet rewarding journey.

Maze of Madness

Fiesta Online’s Halloween event, Maze of Madness is back.

Can players beat the intricate maze that Sir Gourd van Pumpkin set up fast enough? If they do, titles and Halloween Reward Tickets wait for them. To get more tickets, they should also consider taking on Bill the Boss who resides in the middle of the labyrinth. And if they’re still going slightly mad, they should take a look at the Pumpkin Pass which offers additional daily quests to obtain even more of those coveted tickets.

Halloween is the time for lots of sweets, so this time players can make their own candy in a special quest series. But something isn’t quite right with this candy! Consuming it causes some rather odd effects… Trick or treat, as they say! For it can give players helpful buffs. .. or irritating debuffs. It can even turn players into monsters. But that candy is just SO tempting, isn’t it?

During this scary event you can also expect to enjoy special decorations across town, and collect and showcase your best scary costumes for everyone to see.

25. Oktober 2023, von Thore Varga

Fiesta Online

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