The Braves | Free Bullet Hell Roguelike releases on May 3rd!

101XP Publishing and 101XP Game Studios are happy to announce that the free bullet hell roguelike, The Braves, will be available on Steam from May 3. Fight like hell and slay hordes of ferocious monsters to survive the unexplored and dangerous reaches of a ruthless fantasy world!

Incredible adventures are coming on May 3 in the free bullet hell roguelike The Braves!

The world may be infested with hordes of bloodthirsty monsters, but there are courageous heroes prepared to stand up to evil. And you’re one of them! Rush into epic battles where lives are on the line, and survive at all costs. Get stronger by collecting resources, claiming better gear, and running a small town where you can fine-tune your heroes and weapons to make them unbeatable!

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Test your heroes’ mettle
You can always find a brave soul who seeks adventure, usually in the tavern. Select your hero and send them to vicious battles to toughen them up and make them stronger! As you travel and complete quests, you can unlock 20 characters with unique skills, but also unique vulnerabilities: find a fighter that suits your game style most and put together an efficient build.

Fight hordes of monsters
They may look cute and cuddly at first, but don’t mistake these creatures for harmless: every monster would like nothing more than to sink its teeth into your hero and tear them apart. But the Braves fear no monster. Slay hordes of bloodthirsty foes, challenge mighty bosses, and most importantly: do whatever it takes to survive.

Explore the world and collect resources
Push forward through four locations, each with unique challenges and foes. Choose your difficulty level and join the fight in the Forest, Laboratory, Cemetery, and Mycelium Network. Collect valuable resources and upgrade your base, equipment, and weapons. Take risks! Fortune favors the bold!

Upgrade your weapons and equipment
Making your enemies sweat takes more than just talent: your heroes need truly remarkable equipment. Improve the stats of your weapons and equipment at the Forge! Swords, Sickles, Magic Staves, and other powerful artifacts are at your command. Make your choice, and bring the fight to the monsters!

Improve your Base
Improve the buildings in town to get upgrades. Pick your heroes at the Tavern, modify weapons and armor at the Forge, collect valuable rewards for completing quests at the Town Hall, all this and more to help improve your chances of survival. The better your buildings, the better your odds!

  • Delve into the game to explore:

    • Dozens of heroes of varying rarities, each with their own unique design and mechanics.

    • Epic battles against the forces of evil in the farthest reaches of the game world: Forests, Laboratories, Cemeteries, Mycelium Networks, Dunes, Castle Bran. .. and many more to come!

    • Resources to improve your equipment, heroes, and your own town!

    • Awesome rewards for completing quests at the Town Hall!

    • Fierce monsters and bosses!

    • Endless combinations of numerous skills!

16. April 2024, von Thore Varga