TAITO MILESTONES (Nintendo Switch) PreOrder Boxed - Digital also scheduled!

With the pre-order of special limited editions already started in November, ININ Games is happy to announce that the boxed edition of TAITO MILESTONES for Nintendo Switch is now also available for pre-order at selected retailers in Europe!

From the creators of several beloved video game icons, now comes a collection that spans a variety of genres and reflects a very important part of the company’s own history. Ten groundbreaking classics that paved the way for TAITO’s success and represent the legacy of the legendary video game developer. Kids of the 80s can get ready for a true retro flashback - heading straight to home screens.

1981 QIX
1981 Space Seeker
1982 Aloine Ski
1982 Front Line
1982 Wild Western
1983 Chack+n Pop
1983 Elevator Action
1985 The FairyLand Story
1986 Hallesy Comet
1987 The Ninjawarriors

Strike your enemies in the sci-fi shooter SPACE SEEKER, show your best downhill ski moves in ALPINE SKI, stay undiscovered as a spy on a solo mission in ELEVATOR ACTION, or crush your enemies as a skilled ninja in THE NINJAWARRIORS. With this collection there will be something for every retro game enthusiast!

TAITO MILESTONES is now available for pre-order as a boxed edition for Nintendo Switch in Europe. The digital download version will also be available soon.

11. Februar 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz