Swarm the City Demo Coming to Steam on June 16

For lovers of zombie survival games and fans of isometric role playing games, publisher Seasun Games will launch the demo of Swarm the City on Steam on June 16.

Swarm the City is a casual strategy zombie game in which human beings have caused a catastrophe on Earth by destroying the environment from the process of industrialization.

As the king of zombies in Swarm the City, use your zombie army to infect human beings, infiltrate and attack their cities. Use good strategies and avoid getting your zombies killed by cops.

Unlike most other zombie games, in Swarm the City, players will consider strategies and battles from the perspective of a zombie army to destroy mankind.

At the same time, you can use the skill option of injecting the plague before the start to affect the situation, a bit similar to the setting of the Plague Inc.

Swarm the City has 20 unique simulated cities, and an army of cops and soldiers with different weapons, mechanical robots and vehicles with turrets, operating under different social patterns.

Swarm the City will be released sometime between Q3-Q4 2021. We will keep you updated about it.

9. Juni 2021, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner