Steal A March On Your Rivals And Revisit Erenor For This Year´s First Archeage Content Drop

It is with great excitement that Kakao Games and XLGames announce ArcheAge’s first content update of 2023. The Spring Update will include a wealth of improvements and reworking of in-game features, engineered by the development team to continue enhancing player experience.

Among a flurry of changes in the update, two instances have been tweaked. The Fall of Hiram City will see Normal and Hard modes combined into one singular, condensed option, and is now accessible two times per week on Fridays and Sundays. With a shortened duration and no transition to nighttime, The Fall of Hiram City will now be easier to jump in. The Skyfin Nest Arena - which has previously only been available by chance - has now become its own instance. Rewards and rules will, however, remain the same.

A new tier has been introduced for Brilliant Erenor Accessories; you can now awaken a Mythic or higher grade Radiant Erenor Accessory into Brilliant, by using a Radiant or Blessed Erenor Awakening Scroll.

Alongside skill balancing, a number of improvements to Faction Activity Points will also be featured in the Spring Update. These include increases in the weight of influence for Siege content directly related to Faction activity, and Faction Activity Points for raids lasting longer than before. Points will no longer be visible. These alterations aim to reduce the possibility scores being influenced through deliberate player forfeiting.

The Exile System has also received some tweaks, such as enhancements to capacity to allow for more players to be exiled, with the goal of rectifying difficulties players have encountered when transferring factions. Moreover, Auctions now incorporate a bidding system so players can battle it out for bargains.

As an additional guild benefit, growth support items are now available via the Prestige Shop. Once an item is used, an “effect region” will manifest which guild members must be within in order to receive any buffs.

ArcheAge’s Spring Content Update offers plenty for those returning to Erenor, but as further incentive, an all-new Twitch Drop event goes live from today (until April 17). Players will have the opportunity to get their hands on desirable in-game items, ranging from Bound Labor Rechargers to Manastorm Crystals. The longer you stay tuned, the better the reward.

23. März 2023, von Thore Varga

Kakao Games Europe B.V.


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