Sieg Games - MP japanese Mech shooter - KS live now

Developer SIEG Games Co., Ltd., founded by Grandia, GunGriffon and Lunar series producer Yoichi Miyaji, has announced that the Kickstarter campaign for 5v5 multiplayer mech-based action game Project [nMBR [tentative title]] is live. Set to launch on PC via Steam and PlayStation 5 in Spring 2024, the game will offer a refreshing new take on the mech genre by allowing players to pilot massive war machines from a cockpit perspective.

Two teams of five operators must alternate between tank, flight and turret forms in order to defeat their adversaries and fulfill mission objectives in a believable, futuristic universe. A beta version of Project MBR will launch in July 2023.

Absolutely no loot boxes or other F2P elements will be included in the final version of the game. Rather, development will be entirely influenced via feedback from the community. SIEG Games is committed to regularly update battlefields, mechs and other core components to sustain player enjoyment well past Project MBR’s final release.

Pledge support for Project MBR and the next evolution of multiplayer mech madness by visiting the game’s Kickstarter page

More information about initial and stretch goals can be found below :

¥25,000,000 ·Conduct closed beta test (competitive game)
Localization in English and Japanese Early Access release on Steam
¥50,000,000 ·Addition of PS5 compatibility (package sales)
¥75,000,000 ·Addition of new aircraft by famous creators
¥100,000,000 ·Addition of battlefield (MAP)
¥200,000,000 ·Addition of scenario mode (single-player)

Project MBR’s Kickstarter campaign aims to raise more than $180K in an effort to bring its vision of mech-sized functional beauty to life via Unreal Engine 5. In the game, pilots will be able to personalize their robots via weapon customization before deploying on a battlefield where savvy tactics trump all-or-nothing shootouts.

Master each mech form to enhance your versatility and prove your worth. Annihilate enemy bases like radar facilities and fixed artillery while defending your own. Utilize your drone companion for reconnaissance and intel before making life-or-death decisions. Project MBR’s sprawling metallic universe will evolve alongside feedback from its community without underhanded monetization methods to bog down the experience.

“Project MBR is the brainchild of the mech genre’s most venerated creators, including GunGriffon’s Ryuji Inomata, Armored Trooper Votoms and Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO’s Koichi Inoue, and the Grandia and Lunar series’ Noriyuki Iwadare,” says Yoichi Miyaji, CEO at SIEG Games. “We’ve assembled a dream team committed to pushing the concept of mech shooters further without nickeling and diming our community in the process. We can’t wait to bring this universe to life through your support, and look forward to working alongside you as Project MBR takes off.”

7. März 2023, von Thore Varga