Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online begins "Albion East" Closed Beta

Albion Online, the fantasy sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, today began a 3-week Closed Beta for its forthcoming Albion East server.

In addition to previewing a completely untouched version of the game world, the Beta offers a unique 3-week Beta Guild Season with persisting statue rewards, plus automatic accelerated progress in numerous areas:

Automatic Premium for all characters

  • +100% Fame from gathering, farming, and PvE

  • +200% Resources from gathering and fishing

  • +200% Silver from mobs

  • Resource weight reduced by 66%

  • All characters start with 2000 Learning Points

Additionally, all players who join the Closed Beta will receive the premiere Arcanist Vanity Bundle for free, unlocked on both servers.

The full launch of Albion East happens in one month on March 20, 2023 with Early Access for Founders beginning 5 days earlier on March 15. Along with offering a new start in the world of Albion, the new server will offer much faster connection speeds and optimized event times for players throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Both servers will retain Albion Online's Free-to-Play (with optional Premium subscription) model, and both will be accessible by all players worldwide.

Access to the Closed Beta requires a Founder Pack. For more info on Founder Packs and launch timeline, check out the Albion East page

21. Februar 2023, von Thore Varga

Albion Online

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