Rune Factory 5 to Launch on 25th March 2022 for Nintendo Switch within Europe and Australia

Marvelous Europe is pleased to announce that Rune Factory 5 will launch for Nintendo Switch on 25th March 2022 within Europe and Australia.

As revealed in the brand new gameplay trailer, Rune Factory 5 will feature same-sex relationships. This allows players to develop relationships, and eventually marry, any of the marriage candidates as either the male or female protagonist. Same-sex relationships have been a long time requested feature within the Rune Factory franchise, and so we are ecstatic to finally reveal its inclusion within Rune Factory 5.

In Rune Factory 5[ players will choose between male and female protagonists, Ares and Alice, and embark on an adventure from the town of Rigbarth in a quest to recover their lost memories and restore peace within the town, as part of the peacekeeping force known as Seed. As part of this adventure, players will be able to explore vast dungeons, defeat vicious monsters, nurture nearby farmland and develop relationships with various characters to find true peace and happiness within the town of Rigbarth.

Newcomers and fans alike will be able to experience refined action-RPG combat, with eight different weapons, including Dual Blades, Spear and Axe, available to master, alongside iconic features such as farm management, town quests and festivals. Whether you decide to fight off monsters around town, aid the townspeople with their troubles, or embrace your green thumb dreams, [bRune Factory 5 will offer an adventure like no other when it launches on Nintendo Switch.

24. September 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

Marvelous Games


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