RPG Stories 261% funded on Kickstarter

In just a bit more than 24 hours, our Kickstarter campaign to fund the 3D World Builder/VTT RPG Stories will come to an end, and has so far reached 261% of our goal thanks to the support of 782 backers.

RPG Stories is a 3D virtual tabletop with a massive world builder that provides you with 3D assets, heroes, and monsters for all types of RPGs -including Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi- to create your quests and play online with your party.

We’re just a few bucks away from our next stretch goal which will include VTT features such as fog of war, dynamic lights, weather system, 3D dice, and environmental lighting, among many others.

Kickstarter campaign

30. September 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz