Retro First Friday returns with action-packed games from Accolade and Beam Software.

Retro First Friday is back and loaded for action this December! Join retro and modern game publisher Ziggurat Interactive in three classic action extravaganzas. In this month’s edge of your seat offerings, prepare to engage in tactical WWII warfare in Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater, redline the curves at 150+ mph with the hair-raising and spectacular racing sim Cyclemania, or fight for the title belt in the classic ‘rasslin game Bop ‘N Wrestle. All these great games are available at a 33% discount on Steam and GOG for the next week!

Discover more about these retro classics:

  • Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater: In this WWII tactical FPS, you command a squad of 12 elite soldiers as they attempt to penetrate the island strongholds of Japanese Imperial forces. You’ll need a cool head, superior tactics and your M1 to bring you and your team one step closer to victory. Steam / GOG

  • Cyclemania: A one-of-a-kind FMV motorcycle racing game, Cyclemania has you racing motorbikes over 150 mph through real video of twisting mountain roads. With five courses and six bikes to choose from, you'll find every race a new challenge. Steam / GOG

  • Bop ‘N Wrestle: Grapple your way to the top as Gorgeous Greg in this colorful classic, hailed as one of the first great pro wrestling games. Jump off the turnbuckle and into the ring as you battle 10 of the biggest, baddest, and just plain ugliest pro wrestlers ever to bodyslam their way to fame! Steam / GOG

7. Dezember 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz


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