Rediscover Classic RPG Charm With Veritus - Releases on Steam July 22!

Prepare for a nostalgic retro-styled adventure as Veritus, a colorful, pixelated game that echoes the top-down adventure classics, is set to launch on Steam on July 22, 2024.

Developed by Colorgrave, this game invites players to delve into the dark chambers of the god of shadows, Veritus, and uncover the mysteries hidden within his castle. It's a direct sequel to their "Very Positive"-rated Prodigal, but doesn't require players to have experienced the first part of the story.

Get a taste of a classic Adventure-RPG with a fast-paced twist. Use your trusty pickaxe, lasso, and magical god-hand to overcome obstacles. Face bosses, each with their own themes, unique mechanics and even additional phases to put your skills to the test. And explore countless rooms that all feel connected, like small parts of a larger picture.

Veritus will launch on Steam at a low price of just $7 USD (regional prices will vary).

“Modern-day games using retro stylings isn’t anything new, but there’s a big difference between mimicking a style and understanding it. Colorgrave may have a fondness for the GBC, but they also recognize what made games on that portable work.” - GoNintendo

Key Features

  • Explore the castle: Discover the mysteries of the god of shadows. Navigate the treacherous corridors and chambers of Veritus' forgotten castle and find key fragments to unlock secrets within the throne room.

  • Puzzles & Combat: Overcome numerous dangers lurking in every corner of the castle's hallowed walls. Use the weapons and tools at your disposal to defeat monsters and decipher puzzles that hinder your quest.

  • REGROUP: Set up camps in safe havens deep within the castle. Prepare for each adventure by equipping a variety of weapons and tools, going on expeditions with companions, and resting after each encounter.

10. Juli 2024, von Thore Varga