PvE mode improvements in Escape from Tarkov

Update in Escape from Tarkov was released on 04.07.2024, which improved the PvE mode, added the Wishlist mechanic, and introduced a number of QoL improvements.

Main features of the update:

  • PvE mode

    • PVE ZONE offline single player:

      • For all players with access to PVE ZONE, raids for solo players will be run on the local PC;

    • AI adjustments in PvE mode:

      • AI PMC characters have been improved in the PvE mode. Bots now pick up items, loot crates and bodies, trying to choose more valuable loot;

    • PvE wipes:

      • Profile reset options have been expanded. Now players can reset their PvE and PvP progress together or separately.

  • Wishlist mechanic

    • A new Wishlist mechanic has been added. Players can add an item to one of several pre-created Wishlist categories.

  • New opportunities for the game community

    • In-game feedback surveys:

      • A community feedback survey system within the game has been added, available at the "Surveys" tab in the bottom menu;

    • Player report compensation:

      • A compensation for reporting players who violated game rules has been added.

10. Juli 2024, von Thore Varga

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