New Weird Survival Game Once Human Unveils Latest Updates: Power System, Weather and Natural Resources

Once Human, the New Weird Sandbox Survival Game of NetEase Games, keeps sharing its development updates by revealing three fascinating updates that will greatly enhance the game’s survival experience.

Players, as Meta-Human, need to survive in the harsh environment with swarms of enemies and rebuild human civilization after the world was devoured by apocalypse. The game incorporated a New Weird art style in its sandbox gameplay. Also, the development team is endeavored in nurturing an active yet expanding player community to attract a great number of followers online.

New era with electricity at home

In order to create a more realistic post-apocalyptic survival experience for players, Once Human development team revealed in the latest development blog that they have added a new energy source, electricity. Now players can connect homebase facilities to various types of power generators and have the ever-running current serve their needs.

Most of the devices in Once Human need electricity to be up and running, including workbenches, defensive structures, and lighting. Don't worry, players don't have to be electricians to play with electronics. All they have to do is to connect these devices to a generator, hydro, wind, biomass, solar panels, and even anomaly generators, etc.

The most powerful generator of all kinds is the anomaly generator. So, what exactly is an anomaly generator? Anomaly is a powerful phenomenon, or existence that can affect people or environment around it. It can take up the form of a talking gun, a humanoid with an unusual head or even a ghostly being. By finishing a containment mission in game, players can contain the anomaly in a special, secure container and insert the container into the core of an anomaly generator. The generator then turns the energy of the anomaly into electricity using secret Rosetta technology. This type of generator is far more powerful yet sophisticated in construction compared with all other types. Players need to thrive and keep upgrading their territory and technology to learn how to build the anomaly generator.

Be prepared for extreme weather!

Once Human Development team members announced that they've been working on the weather system since the last test and have recently made further progress in constructing more realistic simulations of different weather conditions. Besides sunny, windy, foggy, and rainy days, they are now introducing extreme climate events into the wild based on geographical features. These include thunderstorms, sandstorms, and super heavy rain.

In extreme weather, players’ visibility and speed of movement will drop relatively. Furthermore, players' homebase, furniture and devices are vulnerable to the effects of bad weather. If exposed to sandstorm, thunder or heavy rain fall, their durability will gradually deteriorate. Players need to remember to place homebase in a safe location and keep in mind that they may have to repair their house in time.

Gathering experience is now smoother

According to the latest development blog, Once Human development team has optimized the basic collecting and gathering logic of the game world. Now, locations of mineral ores, wildlife, and plants are allocated following natural logic. They are easier to be found, and regularly gather together to form resource-rich areas.

For example, players may find trees growing closer to waterbodies, minerals popping out more around rock formations and mountains, while animals avoiding the main roads. Focusing on these environmental clues and they can easily find and farm the resources in need!

Within the next few months, Once Human will launch a new round of game beta test with all the above features ready for play. Follow the official website and Discord to keep track of the latest development and test updates.

25. August 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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