New Weapon in Lost Light

Lost Light, the immersive free-to-play survival shooter game developed by NetEase, delivers an action-packed experience like no other!
Successfully extract yourself from the battlefield, and you'll be rewarded with some truly awesome loot! With the latest major update, the whole-new SR-18, a Semi-auto Sniper Rifle with. 338 caliber featuring high damage and a long effective range, is now available in the game. Also, experience the newly renovated shelter now! Level up your storage for FREE and upgrade your shelter with ease!

In addition, Lost Light's first Guild Tournament is now live!

Set up or join a Guild to earn a 6-slot Secure Case. Level up the Guild with your comrades to unlock more exciting rewards for free!

Brand New Weapons and Tactical Items, More Strategies
Introducing the newest addition to our arsenal, SR-18, a semi-auto DMR manufactured by Cordell Arms Company that is powerful and reliable. Boasting deadly. 338 Magnum Bullets and compatibility with AR Series Parts, the SR-18 opens up a world of possibilities for snipers.

Our latest additions to Tactical Items include M18 Smoke Grenade, CR Gas Grenade, M23 Stun Grenade, Laser Trip Mine, and RTO Hand Grenade - all designed to enhance your operational mobility and strategic versatility. These items allow for flexible use and a wide range of tactical possibilities, giving you the power to turn the tide of any battle.

Shelter Renovated, Free Storage Upgrade to Store Your Supplies
Lost Light's Shelter has been renovated. With an upgraded UI, you'll enjoy a smoother and more intuitive experience, while the clearer construction helps you set your goals for the next Operation with ease. Make reasonable use of resources, level up your Storage for free, and upgrade your shelter like a pro! Plan your next Operation wisely to maximize your efficiency!

Map Boss: Raymond Squad Is Here, Defeat Them to Claim Amazing Rewards
The Raymond Squad is about to make their presence known across multiple maps. During the operation, Fireflies will face more powerful enemies and experience more intense battles, but remember: with great risk comes great rewards! Take down the Raymond Squad and you'll be amazed by the incredible loot. Don't worry about being defeated. In Lost Light, you have a Free Secure Case to protect your most precious Items.

Check Out the First Ever Guild Tournament, Join the Guild to Win a Free Secure Case
Lost Light has now officially established the Guild system. By joining or setting up Guild on Discord, you can get a 6-slot Secure Case for free! By rallying more Fireflies to your cause, you can win incredible rewards like DIY Avatar Frame, Guild Exclusive Skin, and various advanced Weapons and Items. The first-ever Guild Tournament is now LIVE, and the rewards are absolutely jaw-dropping! Join a Lost Light Guild and bring glory to your comrades!

16. März 2023, von Thore Varga

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