NetEase Games Introduces Worlds Untold, a New Global Game Studio Creating New Worlds

NetEase Games is excited to announce the latest addition to its portfolio, Worlds Untold, a new fully remote game studio in Vancouver, Canada. Worlds Untold is led by Mac Walters, an industry veteran with over two decades of experience in games and writing, including the acclaimed Mass Effect series. Most recently, Walters was the project director on Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and prior to that was the Lead Writer on Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

Walters and his team built Worlds Untold to create IPs with depth and possibility that can't be contained in a single game, or even a single medium. The team’s debut project is underway, a near future, action adventure game in a breathtaking world filled with mystery and exploration.

“We’re creating incredible and meaningful stories that we believe are best told and experienced through play. We are starting by crafting worlds that we all dream of discovering and then will put the player in the leading role of the most unforgettable adventures,” said Mac Walters, CEO, Worlds Untold. “The team at NetEase Games shares our vision and passion to utilize leading edge technology to create the best possible new games. Their teams’ support and creative freedom affords us the opportunity to deliver on that vision.”

Worlds Untold includes a number of industry veterans, including Audio Director, Sotaro Tojima, who has over 20 years of experience in video game audio on titles such as Metal Gear Solid and HALO; Head of Production, Elizabeth Lehtonen, who has worked on Dragon Age, The Sims, and Angry Birds franchises; and Head of Art, Ramil Sunga, who has more than two decades of creative experience in various Concept Art roles on Mass Effect Andromeda, Anthem and the entire lineup Dragon Age titles; Head of Technology, Ben Goldstein, with nearly two decades in the games industry leading projects such as the next generation Xbox One version of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the PS4 version of For Honor and most recently worked at Tesla and Cruise building out their respective simulation platforms.

“NetEase Games believes in empowering creators to think outside the box and to help execute their vision as seamlessly as possible. Worlds Untold is building a team of highly experienced individuals to develop new worlds and action adventure games for all and we are excited to see what Mac and the team produce,” said Simon Zhu, president of global investments and partnerships at NetEase Games.

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17. November 2023, von Thore Varga

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