Multiplayer Piratopia sets sail for Kickstarter as part of a huge content overhaul

Popular PvP and PvE game has big plans on the horizon as part of ‘Piratopia 2.0’ evolution, ‘Raiders of Pirate Bay,’ and prospective players can help make it happen by signing up as part of the crew on Kickstarter

It’s anchors aweigh as maritime multiplayer Piratopia sails onto Kickstarter in its quest to make Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay a reality! Solo developer Adi Zhavo has joined forces with indie publisher Project 99 to upgrade Piratopia from an IO-style PC sea brawler to a brand new instance-based multiplayer game with a graphical overhaul, a bigger world, and tons of new features to expand Piratopia’s scope, scale, and audience to uncharted waters leveraging the power of crowdfunding in the process.

Free-to-play, Piratopia initially arrived on Steam in 2021, bringing a swashbuckling blend of ship-to-ship combat, legendary loot, and fearsome monsters lurking beneath the waves. The next stage of the Piratopia experience is Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay, coming to Steam as a premium title in Q4 of 2023. Following the immense success and positive feedback from its community early on, the new game will expand on the humorous style and addictive, fast-paced action of the original with a wealth of additional systems to engage old and new players alike. Now with a choice of ship classes and gear slots, unique Biomes with varied quests, world factions, world bosses and explorable dungeons, Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay aims to offer a richer experience. To bring these changes to fruition, a 60-day campaign on Kickstarter, with a goal of USD $11,300, will begin on February 28th.

Piratopia creator Adi Zhavo said, “Piratopia was a passion project built alongside my wonderful community. As a solo developer who is a massive fan of pirates and the One Piece Saga, I've always dreamed of having the chance to turn it into a bigger and more exciting game experience. Now, with a brilliant publisher that shares the same vision, we want to get more gamers aboard through Kickstarter to help bring the project to life!”

While the new game will feature select MMO systems such as cross-server pirate clans (guilds), auction houses, and new ranked arenas for 1v1 and 4v4 PvP battles, Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay is primarily an instance-based multiplayer. Gamers can create their own private or public game instances to play solo or with friends as they explore Piratopia’s personalized and immersive experience. Recruitable NPCs grant access to new passive and active abilities that will boost different ship skills and change the play style. It is up to players to discover unique and powerful combinations for conquering the seas as they hoist the sails and load the cannons on multiple classes of ship, including the high-speed Cruiser, the hard-wearing Dreadnought, and the devastating Destroyer.

Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay is available for Wishlisting on Steam, while the original game remains available to download and play for free. The Kickstarter is live to bring Piratopia: Raiders of Pirate Bay to Steam later this year. For more information on the project, follow on Twitter or join the Discord community.

1. März 2023, von Thore Varga