Mother of All Secrets | From the people behind The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante!

International publisher 101XP and Sever Studio are happy to announce Mother of All Secrets, a mystery RPG about an orphanage where the fates of the heroes irreversibly change with every tick of the clock. Become one of the pupils and unravel the mysteries of the House by influencing the minds, hearts, and plans of its inhabitants.

Become a young ward at an old and remote orphanage. Live your new life for fourteen days as the enigmatic masters of the House prepare you and your mates for the impending visit of the mysterious Guest. Every inhabitant of the orphanage has a history of their own, and the orphanage's little world holds many secrets and mysteries. Decide where to go, what events to participate in, which goals to pursue, and who you should influence. Will you be ready to learn the ultimate truth on the last night of your stay here?

Get ready to dive into the very heart of the events that unfold inside the orphanage's closed society. Hand-drawn graphics will immerse you into the reality of your new home.

Key Features

  • A living breathing house. Become a part of the close-knit community of the orphanage. Other wards, your teachers, caretakers, and even the family of House owners - behind every living soul, there are goals, plans, and desires. With every hour, individual plots progress, secrets unfold, and choices are made that alter the House forever.

  • Your own story. Create your own character and live out a unique story - only you decide how to spend each and every hour. Go about uncovering the asylum's secrets however you like. Make friends or enemies at your own discretion. Explore the darkest and most dangerous corners of the House. Unravel other people's schemes and draw up your own plans. Obey or risk breaking the cryptic rules that govern the orphanage and face the consequences.

  • High stakes. Perform actions in every scene by playing cards. These cards determine your character's skills, items, and even relationships. Different cards allow you to influence others, gain an upper hand during encounters, apply the knowledge and traits you have acquired, or push the narrative towards the desired outcome. Remember that other characters possess their own set of cards which they can play against you! Study the abilities and intentions of others before reshuffling their decks and transforming their personalities.

25. Oktober 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz