Monstrum's physical edition on console is ready to hit the stores next week, on October 23

Survival horror game Monstrum is a week away from launching with a physical edition on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and [Xbox One[. Players can get their physical copy on Friday, October 23. The monstrosities that are hunting the player down in Monstrum are making it a terrifying challenge to escape the abandoned ship. Permadeath and no save points ensure that once they get killed, players will have to start all over again. So what does it take to stay alive? A blog post released today, providing 10 tips on how to survive Monstrum.

About Monstrum
Stranded on an abandoned cargo ship, you find yourself hunted by one of Monstrum’s terrifying predators; each with their own strategy, abilities, and weaknesses. You’ll have to use your wits to outsmart your pursuer within the ship’s procedurally generated environment as you search for an escape. Death is permanent; get killed and you'll be starting all over again. Can you survive Monstrum?


  • Survive a changing environment and monster with each new game

  • Use whatever you can find to outwit the monsters and escape the ship

  • Hide, distract, and run, but be careful not to fall into the numerous traps

  • Death is permanent. Try to stay alive or you’ll have to start all over again

16. Oktober 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz



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