Mission Zero Technical Test Begins July 8, With Pre-Registration Now Open

NetEase Games is proud to announce that a technical test Mission Zero will open on July 8 in select regions, with fans able to pre-register their interest ahead of launch. Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth game, where one team takes on the role of the Sirius (Invaders) and the other team are the Mobius (Chasers). The final release of the game will have cross-platform play on Android, iOS, and PC, although iOS won’t be available during the Technical Test.

The Technical Test for Mission Zero will be held on July 8, 2022 at 9:00(GMT+7) in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Thailand, with availability on Android and PC through Google Play, official website and TapTap. The Technical Test will be the equivalent of a small-scale beta test, with players having a chance to experience the current version of the game without any in-app purchases, and with their progress resetting in the final release.

Mission Zero pits four Sirius against two Mobius. The Sirius players need to hide from the Mobius agents, using disguises that let them resemble the NPCs in each area, allowing them to dress like a janitor, waiter, cook, or whatever is needed to blend in. It’s the role of the Mobius players to catch the Sirius, by determining which characters stand out, and using their powerful abilities to knock them unconscious. The Mobius agents are outnumbered, but it’s easier for them to work as a team, in order to combine their unique traits and abilities, as they belong to specific archetypes, including Assault-type, Scout-type, Strategy-type, and more. The Sirius also have high-tech equipment that can be used to help them escape if needed, with eleven different types of gadgets available to them. Mission Zero is an intense game of hide & seek, where players who play as Mobius must use their skills of deduction to find their foes, or play as the Sirius to make important snap decisions, in order to evade capture.

In Mission Zero, the Mobius player will take on the role of characters with unique abilities, with eight available in the Technical Test. As officially released previously, these include Aya, a delinquent girl who rocks a gothic aesthetic, who smashes foes with her baseball bat. She is joined by Gabriel, a warrior with a powerful prosthetic arm that he uses as a weapon to grab fleeing Sirius from afar and pull them into his grasp. There is also a Mobius agent named Murphy, who can beat the Sirius at their own game. Murphy is a strategy-type agent, with the ability to disguise herself as an NPC and reveal the position of nearby Sirius agents.

The Sirius players can fight back with powerful equipment, in order to gain an edge on the battlefield. There are eleven pieces of equipment in the Technical Test, including the Cloak Shield, which creates an optical camo barrier that makes the agent invisible; Stand-In Badge, which turns the agent invisible and spawns a decoy that keeps walking ahead; and the Shockwave, which stuns nearby enemies, and can be charged up to reach a wider area.

Mission Zero is a thrilling game of cat and mouse, where one team must blend in and lay low to survive, while the other team hunts them in the scene. This is a true game of skill, as keeping a cool head and a discerning eye is the key to survival. Those who want to be among the first to experience Mission Zero can pre-register their interest on the official Mission Zero website and play the game during the Technical Test on July 8.

6. Juli 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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