Mayorama now available on Android

Mayorama, the offline city-building game with a focus on realistic economy simulation, is now available on Android for free and without any annoying ads.

Take on the role of the mayor and build the city of your dreams as you keep an eye on the economic overview. Keep employment stable by building new residential and industrial areas, and meet the needs of your population.

Balance supply and demand as you manage public safety, disaster control, healthcare, education, transportation, electricity, water supply and waste management.


  • Build residential areas, factories, parks and businesses.

  • Choose from different map sizes.

  • Plan a network of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

  • Use the overview maps to locate supply gaps.

  • Save money by optimizing the financing of buildings.

  • Unlock more than 40 buildings.

  • Increase your population density and construct skyscrapers.

  • Complete quests for additional income and increase your taxes.

  • Build a military base.

  • Explore your city on foot in first-person perspective or by car in third-person perspective -or use a jetpack instead!

  • Simulate up to 25 municipalities at the same time.

  • Play in Millionaire mode.

18. März 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz