Mac's World is Off-the-Leash for a Paw-some Adventure!

In case you missed it, solo developer Daniel Jooryabi's new game, Mac’s World, is coming to iOS and Android on January 24! Mac’s World is an all-ages platformer where you play as Mac, a mischievous (and hungry!) dog on a mission. Solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and most importantly, collect delicious chicken legs in Mac’s mysterious mansion!

Revealed last month, Developer Daniel Jooryabi is excited to howl the news that Mac’s World, will be launching on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store on January 24th for 99 cents. Take control of Mac, an adventurous dog on a mission to stockpile delicious chicken legs scattered throughout a mysterious mansion. Jump past obstacles, whack enemies with frying pans, and solve intricate puzzles in this mobile adventure!

Inspired by adventure games and classic platformers such as Luigi’s Mansion and Banjo Kazooie, Mac’s World is a single-player experience that lets users of all ages put their skills to the test. Dodge bombs while collecting pizza slices, avoid the deathly sting of giant bumble bees, traverse icy floors, avoid wind gusts, and defeat a host of other dangers that lurk around the corners of Mac’s World. But fear not, as Mac is joined by a trusty animal sidekick to keep him company.


  • Unravel the mystery of Mac’s World by exploring the mansion and beating action-packed levels

  • Solve puzzles to reveal hidden keys needed to progress in the game

  • Earn extra rewards by competing in timed challenges

  • Investigate plants, flowers, and barrels for hidden items throughout the mansion

  • Complete each level by collecting keys, and earn bonus stars by finding secret puzzle pieces and beating the level’s goal time

  • Give Mac some extra style with fun costumes including pajamas, chef, ninja, zombie, and superhero

  • Buy pet companions to keep Mac company, including Draco (dragon), Bacon (pig), Leo (snake), Atlas (star), and even a Whaleacorn!

  • Beat challenging enemies (pro tip: jump on the couch to avoid the sting of evil spiders!)

  • Simple and intuitive controls with integrated controller support

  • Cloud Save Support

13. Januar 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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