Lumione Available on STEAM and Nintendo Switch Today

Lumione, a platform game developed by the Glimmer Studio, is officially released today on both Steam and Nintendo Switch. Curious about the game? Come take a peek at the latest promo video to see all the game has to offer!

Lumione is a platformer set in an adventurous deep-sea universe. With the seabed consumed in darkness, Glimmer dreams of restoring the former beauty of his hometown, and sets off to do just that. You will play the role of Glimmer, a deep-sea fairy who is summoned by the Light, as you leave the abyss to break the dark spell cast over the seabed and search for answers both in the world and in yourself.

As Glimmer, you will need to overcome trials of the deep sea and have courage in order to see what the renewed Light of Hope has to offer. The beautiful graphics of the deep-sea world come to life in front of you. The captivating story and original music, too, will be sure to move you. The fun only grows as you progress through the game, with over 100 levels and dozens of game mechanics available. On this ambitious journey, you will need to learn from your failures to prepare yourself for the next jump.

After participating in the Steam Next Fest in October 2021, we have been overwhelmed by the words of support and encouragement from our fans. One player was quoted as saying, “After trying out the demo, I got hooked and just couldn’t stop playing it. I died probably more than 100 times in one of the levels, but that only made me even more determined to keep trying.” Another said, “I like the game’s music and graphics a lot. I think the artists did a great job with it. From the moment I started playing, I immediately felt immersed in the game’s deep sea world.”

Ready to give Lumione a try? Enjoy 10% off during the first week of release through your purchase on STEAM.

In celebration of Lumione’s official release, the Glimmer Studio has prepared a special event for fans. Take part in our “Lumione Limited Merchandise Event from October 13th to 24th, you can download the game from Steam or Nintendo Switch and share your in-game pictures or videos on Twitter or YouTube/Twitch with the tag #Lumione. Ten fans will be selected and receive our limited merchandise set and CD Key to the game. People who participate in the contest and receive more than 5 “Likes” on any above-mentioned platform will also get the chance to receive a special gift from Glimmer Studio.

The Glimmer Studio has also set up a FAQ to answer questions from its fans in detail. For instance, some players were curious about the difficulty setting of the game. At present, it has been confirmed that there are over 170 levels and dozens of game mechanics made available for Lumione.

If you would like to reach out directly to our development team, feel free to join our official Discord Channel. Here, you will be able to receive the latest news and updates about our game and communicate with other players as well.

Link to our official Discord:

13. Oktober 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz