Love Colors - the paint by numbers pixel art game is coming to PC & Switch on September 17th!

Wash-off your brushes, dust off your easel and get ready to channel your inner Bob Ross.
Love Colors, the paint by numbers pixel art game is coming to PC (Steam) and Switch on September 17th!

Relieve stress and restore calm while showing off your artistic flair in Love Colors, the paint by numbers pixel art game that’s playable solo or in couch co-op. Love Colors is the first paint by numbers game in the world to allow you to play with up to four friends simultaneously.

Packed full of content, lose yourself in one of the over 150 stylish pictures from lovable themes including animals, food, people, cities and more.

Promoting mindfulness through digital painting, Love Colors encourages logic and creativity as well as activating fine motor skills of accuracy and precision to create a meditative experience. A calming backdrop of soothing piano music will help to drown out your surroundings and keep your mind focused on completing your artwork.

A wholesome experience, suitable for all ages, a wide range of canvas sizes and complexities means there's an image for everyone depending on their time and skill. Love Colors is easy to pick up, hard to put down and is a great way to unwind through creativity.

Enjoyable solo but also when played with up to four people at the same time. Completing your artwork with friends or family encourages collaboration, communication and sharing joy in the sense of achievement of finishing your paintings.

Need a helping hand? Unlock two useful tools by progressing through paintings. The paint bucket which will fill-in all pixels connected of the same color; super helpful when taking on the larger paintings. Additionally the balloon will splatter paint of all colors covering a large area of the canvas, great for those intricate areas. When you finish your masterpiece, watch your creation come to life as your brushstrokes are replayed to you.

The base game, priced at $3,99*, is loaded with over 150 amazing pixel canvases from ten categories including funny sweet monsters, delicious food and drinks, stylish clothes and more. Two additional dlc packs released at launch, add a further 250+ pixel paintings.

  • DLC 1 - Happy Pixels features a further 9 categories including yummy sweets, exciting sports and vehicles like sports cars, boxing and the bullet train as well as festive periods Christmas and Halloween.

  • DLC 2 - Pixel Adventurer includes 12 new categories and takes you on a world tour to countries China, India, Canada, Brazil and the USA. Paint iconic scenes like the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera House as well as other majestic citiescapes and beautiful landscapes.

The DLC bundle allows players to unlock all pixel arts for a discounted price.

Unleash your true artistic colors, pick up your brush dab on some paint and become the Picasso of the Pixel!

Key Features:

  • Variety is the spice of life - Fun and creative paintings from a wide range of categories including food, drink, cities, animals and more.

  • Collaborative Art - Play with friends and family; Love Colors is the first paint by numbers game that allows you to paint a digital masterpiece with others!

  • Relaxing gameplay - Love Colors will help you unwind after a long stressful day.

  • Calming Soundtrack - Soothing delicate piano music will help to keep you focused and peaceful.

  • Tools of the trade - Paint using the Balloon or Bucket to take your artistic methods to new levels.

  • Master strokes - Super satisfying replays show your masterful brushstrokes on your road to success.

  • Don’t wait for a sequel - Two DLCs, available at launch, add a further 250+ pictures, including more amazing pixel artwork.

14. September 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz