Lock and Load, Chant and Cast! Kickstarter for Project Warlock II 14,761% Funded

With a successful Project Warlock II Kickstarter campaign at an end, Buckshot Software is thrilled to say their project has been funded by 14,761%. With this major milestone now met, backers can now look forward to playing a new demo at the upcoming Steam Next Fest Oct 1-7, where fans can try new features like upgradeable weapons, a combo score counter and customizable visual settings for the first time.

“We were thrilled by how fans reacted to our demo. Comments like ‘what a ride!’ and ‘this is a must-play for me’ are very encouraging and we can’t wait to see what they say about the next release,” said Kuba Cislo of Buckshot Software.

Thanks to being funded by 14,761%, several stretch goals have been met including extra narrative illustrations, alternative weapon skins, and enemy boss voices. Other stretch goals include:

  • In-game name credits: Project Warlock II features a togglable option to randomly assign the Steam or GOG names of all participating backers to different monsters in the game, based on their choice of monster corresponding to their pledge level. This means players may encounter their monster self during gameplay!

  • Photo mode: With Photo Mode, players can compile photos of all their best Project Warlock II exploits with images showing every gory detail of pixelated carnage leave behind. Photo Mode also shows Warlocks models, allowing players to see their characters in-game.

  • SteelBook: Gamers love SteelBook editions of their most sought-after games, and Project Warlock II fans are no exception. Each copy of the Boxed Warlock reward will include a SteelBook thanks to unlocked stretch goals.

A release date for Project Warlock II in Early Access/Games in Development on Steam and GOG will be shared closer to launch. In the meantime, shooter fans interested in the project can put their boomstick skills to the test in a recently released demo that gives access to the first level of Project Warlock II.

Download the Project Warlock II demo on Steam
Download the Project Warlock II demo on [l2|GOG]

Project Warlock II packs hordes of monsters, visceral gunplay, multiple playable characters, and massive levels into one pixelated package. With three sprawling worlds to explore and blast through, retro fans looking to relive the early glory days of the genre have a bloody, action-packed treat coming their way.

15. September 2021, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz