Lesson Learned amazing Tower Defense game

The premiere of Lesson Learned is almost here!
This bizarre tower defense adventure will be available on May 29th on Steam and Xbox. A world filled with historical figures awaits you. Try to defend your base from waves of enemies as you travel through odd daydream lands with your classmates in solo or co-op mode.

About Lesson Learned
This tower defense game takes you on a bizarre adventure alongside Frank. Fall asleep in a history lesson and find yourself in the odd world of dreams. Collect resources, build towers, and fend off waves of twisted creatures that serve historical figures. Play with friends in split-screen mode and work together to defend your base.

In Lesson Learned, cooperation is the key to victory. Become the heroes together with your friends. Invite them to play and face the oncoming hordes in split-screen co-op mode. Share responsibilities, coordinate your tasks, and work as a team to defend your base.

Your base needs to be defended against upcoming waves of enemies! This bizarre daydream world is full of strange, twisted creatures serving historical figures. Counter the attack of Roman warriors, medieval clerics, and French Revolution soldiers.

Gather resources such as wood and stone to build and upgrade defensive towers. These are the main line of defense against enemies. Your classmates are your main helpers in battle. Delegate simple tasks to them and, above all, defend your base at all costs.

15. Mai 2024, von Thore Varga