Korean Horror Game "The Coma: Recut" Re-Releases on Switch as an Updated Version Today

It's time for another journey into the dark depths of the Shadow Realm. The Coma: Recut is relaunching on Nintendo Switch today, with all-new graphical and text updates just in time for the Halloween season! Take on the role of Youngho as you try to evade Dark Song, the unstoppable psycho slasher.

Devespresso Games and Headup are celebrating their partnership with the Korean horror franchise by releasing this updated version of The Coma: Recut which features enhanced character graphics, animations, and lore. From today's launch on the Nintendo eShop until November 5th, buyers will get a discount of 25%.

16. Oktober 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

Headup Games



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