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The Game Dev Show puts a spotlight on the global games markets. Our weekly live show is hosted by Deborah, Stephan and Nico, who are joined by international game developers. We discuss serious matters of the industry - but in a fun and casual way! :)

Today (Wednesday, July 15) at 7pm CET we will talk about the South African games industry. Join us on Twitch!

We upload all GameDev Show episodes as VOD on our YouTube channel!

Watch Mirade, Lead Community Manager of Cipsoft talking about the lessons learned in 20 years of Tibia in Brazil; or Eric Jacobus (Co-Founder SuperAlloy Interactive) & Joe Quadara (Design Consultant) about the state-of-the-art MoCap of "God of War"; or Jesse Schell & Misha Velichansky from Schell Games sharing what they learned in 18 years in the gaming industry.

And of course: discover new developers from Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Kenia and tonight South Africa!

15. Juli 2020, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

gamescom 2020

OrtKöln Messe
Laufzeit5 Tage

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