Introducing First-Person Mode to Survival Shooter Lost Light Christmas Surprises Incoming!

First-person Mode is launched today for Lost Light, the free survival shooter game developed by NetEase Games. Enjoy the immersive battlefield experience with the new feature! In addition, the Xmas update is coming. Exclusive skins and more bonuses are waiting for you! Download the game now, and use Gift Code: ypdfex8fht to redeem prizes!

First-Person Mode for a More Realistic Battlefield

Lost Light First-person Mode has been officially launched today. You can now select FPP or TPP to your preference, and enjoy a more tactical and immersive combat experience. Covering your tracks in the dark forest of Mt. Akiyama, looting chests and enemies in the maze-like BAF Factory, or confronting enemies head-on in the mysterious ARC Company, the First-person Mode will bring you more excitement and an immersive experience. Now get into battles and test your signature tactical strategies in diverse scenarios to prove your strength!

A Brand New Season, Winter is Coming!

The diverse weather system has always been one of Lost Light's signature features, adding unlimited possibilities to the battlefield. In the Xmas update, we will introduce the brand new Winter Season. Sneak into the Winter Exclusion Zone, follow enemies' tracks with your sight blurred by the snow, and be ready for a sudden encounter!

Xmas Event is Coming, Get Your Exclusive Skin!

Let's celebrate Xmas with colorful Xmas trees and tasty Gingerbread!

Join the Xmas event, collect Gingerbread, and win incredible Targeted Serum + Permanent Weapon Skin. Draw Xmas prizes to get Xmas exclusive Outfits, Weapon Skins, Backpacks, Glasses, and more. You draw and you win (prize guaranteed)!

22. Dezember 2022, von Markus 'Markus S.' Schaffarz

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