Insomnis, ready to terrorize PlayStation 5 users in Asia and Nintendo Switch users worldwide

Insomnis has been creeping players all over the world out for a year now. Translated into 15 languages, the horror video game developed by Path Games has been a critical and sales success among PlayStation and PC users. Soon, the PS5 version will arrive in Asia, and from the hand of Meridiem Games, Insomnis will also come to Nintendo Switch in digital format worldwide. This adaptation will incorporate many new features to bring richness to the chilling atmosphere of the Castelvet mansion. If you want to continue reading, it is at your own risk.

Insomnis is a terrifying puzzle solving graphic adventure, set in a changing, disturbing scenario. It will take you into the shoes of Jon Castevet, a man who thinks he is lucky because he just inherited a large mansion. What Jon ignores is that the Castevet's old home hides a plethora of secrets, which will throw him into a spiral of horror. An atmospheric horror genre story that will not leave you indifferent.

Throughout the game, the player will have to explore a mansion, like someone immersed in a nightmare, and will become acquainted with a very fluid gameplay, a progressive learning that even makes tutorials unnecessary, while learning to use your wits to solve all the puzzles, both analog and digital, connected to each other ... in case you do not lose your mind.

The great news is that Insomnis fits like a glove to the specific features of Nintendo Switch. The interaction with the joycon control system has been redesigned, HD vibration has been added to reinforce scares and moments of terror, and the touch screen can be used to interact with objects or solve puzzles. It will run at 720p in portable mode and 1080p in Dock mode. A great opportunity for users of this platform to know the true meaning of the word fear.

Featured content:

  • True horror: The atmosphere of the Castevet mansion will be changing until you wonder if it is not a nightmare what you are living. Worst of all, the monster chasing you is your own past.

  • Exploration: The walls of the mansion could be a metaphor for your own consciousness; you'll have to explore both spaces to bring out the worst and the best in you.

  • Puzzles: Advance by using your wits to solve intriguing puzzles; in this house, everything is connected.

  • Multiple endings: Your decisions have consequences; they can even drive you to madness.

28. September 2022, von Thore Varga

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