Infinite Lagrange Debuts Latest Expansion Lagrange Legacy at NetEase Connect 2023

Infinite Lagrange, NetEase's original space sci-fi SLG game, made an appearance at the just-past NetEase Connect 2023 annual event, which took place on May 20th. During the event, the game highlighted an array of thrilling Earth Day activities and divulged critical information about its new Lagrange Legacy version for the first time. With several major updates on the system and the addition of a novel gameplay called "identifying unknown strategic assets," the Lagrange Legacy version undoubtedly contains an exceptional gaming experience.

Pay Tribute to the Earth Ecosystem - Conveying the Spirit of Humanity
Infinite Lagrange always cares about the building of the worldview and the conveying of humanity. To this end, Earth Day, which revolved around the global biosphere, is one of the highlights of the game. At NetEase Connect 2023, the development team went over the exciting Earth Day series events which were launched this year.

The tree planting event in the Crux Biosphere Research Park focuses on group participation and decision, where each player can vote on the parameters to decide the weather in the Crux Biosphere Research Park to impact the growth and survival of various plants. Based on the changes in the environment, players need to transplant and take care of their plants for them to get a sense of achievement by improving the ecological environment in this hands-on project.

Players may also participate in the Vivarium event and cooperate with their Org members to take care of the plants of each other and witness the surprise and changes during the course of the Vivarium development. To regularly remind every player of the importance of Earth's ecosystem, Vivarium will become permanent gameplay in the Lagrange Network after the Earth Day event is over.

The events we planned outside of the game are also very "Down-to-Earth." Back on Earth Day 2022, Infinite Lagrange planted 10,000 saplings in the name of every player in Alxa to spread the idea of "Harmonious Earth" and "Ecological Earth" by taking actual actions. And here we are, stepping up our game to commence the 10,000 New Saplings Conservation Operation for Earth Day this year. Players can claim and guard the samplings that were planted the last year to realize their contribution to the Earth, which improves players' sense of participation in protecting the Earth altogether.

Respect nature and pass on humanity. Through Earth Day, Infinite Lagrange has introduced a warmhearted sensation of humanity in its hardcore space sci-fi world to expand its universe into a more immense and realistic dimension.

Lagrange Legacy New Version Revealed Featuring Highly Anticipated Innovative Gameplay
During the NetEase Connect Annual Product Launch Event, Infinite Lagrange revealed its new version, Lagrange Legacy, for the first time. This new version is an extension of its core vision, bringing even more immersive content and a touch of humanity.

The Lagrange Legacy is closely related to the development of the Lagrange Network. For the past thousands of years, countless dauntless Explorers have entered the vast universe and carried out their exploration one after another. From the application of Warp Drive to the discovery of Lagrange Nodes, from the establishment of Stargates to the creation of the Lagrange Network - the legacy and achievement that has been passed down from Explorers of each generation are all equally essential. According to the video in the launch event, throughout the development of the Lagrange Network, whether they are the tangible carriers such as special equipment, technical blueprints, and industrial products, or intangible carriers like humanity and culture, anything and everything can become part of the precious Lagrange Legacy.

By looking at the pictures released in the launch event, content with different functions, such as blueprints, weapon tech, and liveries, are all being grouped together in the name of Strategic Assets. Combined with the interpretation of the Lagrange Legacy in the source, the things that belong to the Lagrange Legacy category, including blueprints, ship skills, weapon tech, and more, will all embrace a major revamp.

Even so, the content being released in the launch event is only the tip of the iceberg, and players especially care about how to obtain and use the Lagrange Legacy assets. But one thing is for sure, the gameplay related to Lagrange Legacy will deliver many surprises to the players, as well as improve their gaming experience substantially.

For example, the launch event showcased some fresh gameplay mechanisms of the new version. The "unidentified strategic assets" shown in the event mean there will be more decryption elements added in the Infinite Lagrange. While exploring and constructing various star systems, players will have a chance to obtain all sorts of "unidentified strategic assets." Through the identification process of these unidentified strategic assets, not only can the players earn a certain number of rewards, but also players will learn about the technology, engineering, and culture of the Lagrange Network that has been sealed away in history.

In addition, the launch event has shown some special equipment can even be launched from the base directly to the fleets and sail with them together. The breakthrough of this fleet's logistics equipment is also one of the technologies to be included in the Lagrange Legacy. When all sorts of Lagrange Legacy are gradually announced to the public, the new equipment and advanced technologies brought by the precious strategic assets will surely enrich Explorers' tactical movement and strategic options.

Infinite Lagrange has been striving to meet the needs of the players ever since its launch. The content shown at the NetEase Connect Product Launch Event displayed the sustainability of the game to deliver much more exciting yet innovative gameplay to the players, constantly improving everyone's gaming experience.

The crafting of an outstanding game is driven by nothing but passion, and we hope this share of passion can connect every player around the universe to reach an even more distant galaxy.

24. Mai 2023, von Thore Varga

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