HYPER REAL reveals upcoming teleporting platformer - Telebbit

Provocative Japanese indie publisher, HYPER REAL, is proud to welcome Telebbit as the latest title to join their finely curated roster of games. Developed by Korean game studio IKINAGAMES, Telebbit is an action platformer set on a polluted planet Earth in a not-so-distant future. Players will control a rabbit with teleportation abilities to escape from an underground laboratory. Put your platforming skills to the test by playing the demo now!

A Rapid Rabbit
It’s time for payback. This is a story of vengeance-seeking rabbits who must fight against humanity. Swift platforming while utilizing your teleportation skills will be key.

The year is 3023. War, pollution, and infectious diseases have rendered the surface of the Earth uninhabitable. To combat this, humans have developed teleporters as a means of transportation and to reduce contact with the atmosphere and ground. While experimenting on animals, an accident occurs causing a high-performance CPU to be embedded in the head of a rabbit. The now hyper-intelligent rabbit vows to take revenge on the humans who have caused its terrible suffering.

Gameplay Features

  • Fast-paced platformer with teleporters as a unique element

  • A day to learn, a lifetime to master - this game requires patience and effort

  • Eight charming underground worlds to explore and wreak havoc in

  • Clean and minimalist pixel art punctuated by striking, lurid colors

  • Speedrun mode available for time attack play

16. April 2024, von Thore Varga