Guardian Tales Releases a New Divine Rare Hero and Nightmare Mode

Kakao Games announced that as part of its frequent update schedule for Guardian Tales a new rare hero has been added to the game in addition to the expanding of Nightmare Mode.

Archangel Gabriel is a new 3-star hero, which is the highest base rarity for the collectible heroes in-game. While she might be an archangel, she’s also a ruthless boss that is known for pushing her underlings to their limits. Skill-wise, most of her attacks interact with the light damage type. She also brings a strong Descent of Angels chain skill which deals out holy damage, heals the party, and removes afflictions.

The new hero can be collected via Guardian Tales’ ‘Kamazon’ summons, and during the launch window of the new hero you’ll have a higher chance at earning Archangel Gabriel when attempting to summon her.

This week also sees another world receiving Nightmare Mode, an alternative retelling of the world featuring a higher difficulty, a different set of challenges, and a narrative twist that makes replaying a fresh experience. This update brings Nightmare Mode to the previously released Rah Empire world.

Players can start their Guardian Tales adventure by downloading the game right now.

29. Januar 2021, von Alex 'Alex B.' Börner

Kakao Games Europe B.V.


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